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I'm A Doula, And Let Me Tell You, Orgasms During

Childbirth Are A Real Thing

My initial reaction when I first heard about women who reported orgasms 
during birth was that they were lying braggarts.

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Baby Gear You Need – and Don’t

I think the prenatal belief that we need to pack our house full of a bunch of baby

gear is almost as overwhelming as the prospect of childbirth – almost.

Managing Pregnancy Stress: A Plan for Each Trimester 

Growing a tiny person in your body is no small feat. 

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10 Signs You're a Modern Day Hippie Mom 

3. We empower our kids to authentically respect themselves and others. 

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Harmonizing Your Internal and External Environments 

Our external environment is inextricably linked with our internal environment.

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Secrets of a Blissful Birth

Giving birth is beautiful. The result of your nine-month journey has come

down to this: Getting to meet your child, and being gifted life’s greatest

present: motherhood.

25 Things I Tell My Toddler That I Should Be Telling Myself

5. Put on your shoes.
Change into real pants.

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Connecting Through Disconnecting in the Great Outdoors 

Camping- a wonderful opportunity to forfeit cell service, leave power outlets

behind, and go roll in the dirt with our kids.

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Feng Shui in Your Nursery

7 ways to create a soothing enviroment for baby. Bailey Gaddis

See the Most Important Lesson My Son Taught Me Today

Even the temper tantrums- so honest. That’s right, I said it.

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Mom ~ 5 Ways to Show Up for Yourself

You deserve to be nourished and honored as the radically capable and

loving woman you are – and you’re just the person for the job.

Mother & Baby Bonding: An excerpt from Feng Shui Mommy

There has never been and never again will be a child just like yours. Even though

babies are born every day, the birth of your baby is sacred, unique, and extraordinary.

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Creating a Feng Shui Nursery

4. Promote Good Air Quality

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Here's What Happened When I Quit Social Media

When I gave up the screen-feed, my life woke up.

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