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Asking for a Pregnant Friend


Feng Shui Mommy


Rebecca and Josh Tickell, Sundance Award–winning filmmakers and founders of Big Picture Ranch

“We love Bailey Gaddis’s sense of humor and authenticity throughout the book! This is such a great tool for mamas who want to be empowered, and it can lead them to have a more magical birth than they thought possible. Bailey is a gifted teacher and an incredible, essential part of any birth.”

Robin Gerber, author of Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way

“With wisdom, wit, and honesty, Bailey Gaddis offers mothers heartfelt advice that is as fresh as it is insightful. Bailey leads readers through a new, wonderful journey toward motherhood. If you’re pregnant, ‘just breathe,’ and read this book!”

Kristi Schoeld, MD

“This book is very well written and easy to read, with excellent ideas to make your birth experience the best it can be. Every birth experience is unique; childbirth is primal, and your experience is influenced by your culture. Fear of the unknown makes the experience worse, and preparation makes all the difference. Being open to what you and your baby need will make your experience better. The goal of every delivery is a healthy mom and healthy baby. This guide is a tool that may help you find balance and comfort in your life overall, not only in childbirth.”

 Jessica Cauffiel, actor, Legally Blonde and White Chicks

“As the saying goes, ‘Even mothers need to be mothered,’ and Feng Shui Mommy mastermind Bailey Gaddis, in her refreshingly authentic and honest, inherently trustworthy voice, does just that. Like a long-lost best friend, she creates a welcoming, nourishing oasis of safety, empowerment, and support for new mothers. She seamlessly weaves practical yet profound, ever-reassuring, often hilarious, and absolutely indispensable pregnancy and birthing wisdom with nurturing, uplifting food for the soul and spirit: the perfect recipe for a healthy, healing, joyful experience of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood."

Kelli Schaffte, Blogger at Peace to the People

"I genuinely recommend this book to any future mama or any woman curious about pregnancy, motherhood, or learning more about this ultra-transformational time in mother's lives. Feng Shui Mommy is an intelligent blend of scientific understanding melded with an intuitive trust of ourselves, our desires, and needs as wise and knowledgeable women."

Lindsey Jane, Blogger at Notes from the Parsonage

"Bailey is hilarious. I’m sure we’d get along great in a Mommy group. The book is very encouraging, yet honest about the process of becoming a mother. It is really applicable for a first time mom or a seventh time mom like myself. We all know pregnancy is this giant miracle, the piece of creative work here on earth. But we also know it comes with hemorrhoids, stretch marks, uncontrollable belching, and plenty of other super fun things they write entire pregnancy books about. Bailey acknowledges these unfortunate parts while still reveling in the miraculousness of it all."

 Nita Landry, MD, OB/GYN from The Doctors on CBS

“Asking for a Pregnant Friend is a fun, relatable book that will resonate with moms and moms-to-be around the world.” 

Alanna Ubach, actor, 
Coco and Legally Blonde

Bailey has this instinctual, profound talent in making you feel empowered with her words of wisdom. This is a must read that will give you the confidence and the insight you need as a first time mother-to-be. 

Alanna Ubach, actor, 

Coco and Legally Blonde

"I finished Feng Shui Mommy in two days. This is my first pregnancy, and I had so many questions and fears about pregnancy and childbirth. The internet is a bottomless cesspool of information — most of it terrifying. Feng Shui Mommy appeased me. My anxiety turned into excitement. Now I’m aware of what my body is capable of doing all on its own, and all my strength is waiting to be used in pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. Thank you, Bailey Gaddis, for helping me recognize that power!"

Pam England, coauthor of 

Birthing From Within

"Bailey Gaddis brings a fresh new approach to holistic prenatal preparation in this uplifting and reassuring book that draws from the harmonizing principles of feng shui. An engaging read that takes your mind on a gentle trip down a river of wisdom, inspiring the reader to practice self-care and enjoy personal growth throughout the childbearing year."

Zhena Muzyka, author of Life by the Cup 

“Meet Bailey Gaddis, the fresh-voiced, bright-eyed, fully engaged mama mystic whose knowledge and passion for helping mothers find their bliss before, during, and after pregnancy are truly inspiring. A book brimming with fabulous resources, humor, and beautiful reflections, Feng Shui Mommy will be a favorite companion for your journey to motherhood and beyond.”

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