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Image by Austin Distel
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Are you fascinated about all the parenting, pregnancy, and childbirth stuff few people talk about because they’re too embarrassed? If so, welcome to the motherload of all things taboo, or at least really wild and interesting. 

The Asking for a Pregnant Friend podcast is based off the book of the same name and dives into all the parenting, pregnancy, and birth topics that make many people blush, or scratch their heads.

This is like the modern day Dear Abbey for pregnant women and new parents, or just curious people, who want to get straight, yet loving, answers to the parenting, pregnancy, and childbirth questions they’re too afraid to ask.

Many of the episodes are intentionally short so you can listen to the full shebang on the way to a prenatal appointment, or coming home from dropping the kids off at school.

New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

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